Master Wei-Chung Lin, Ph.D.

Master Wei-Chung LinMaster Wei-Chung Lin


 Photo with YiZungYue school founder Master Pan YuePhoto with YiZungYue school founder Grandmaster Pan Yue


     The Chief Instructor of CTMAA, Master Wei-Chung Lin, is an inner-circle disciple of Grandmaster Pan Yue.  Grandmaster Pan is the founder of the phenomenal YiZungYue martial arts school (in Taipei, Taiwan) based on Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua and a direct lineage holder of the Tianjin Gao Yi-Sheng Ba Gua system.  Master Lin is also a direct lineage holder of the Xing Yi and Ba Gua systems of the legendary Grandmaster Li Tsun-Yi.   He has also studied the Cheng Man-Ching style Tai Chi system in the school headed by the late Grandmaster Soong Jyh-Jian.

     Master Lin was born in 1953 in Taichung, Taiwan.   He began his martial arts training in the external styles such as Karate and Shaolin when he was a high school student.   Later, he began his internal martial arts training with Grandmaster Jian-Hua Guo.   For the past decades, he has devoted his time and effort searching for the authentic internal arts in Taiwan and China, trained under several top combat-oriented internal arts masters including Li Meng-Xiong (Xing Yi and Ba Gua), Peng Sheng-Nan (Tai Chi), Luo De-Xiu (Ba Gua), He Jinbao (Ba Gua), and Pan Yue (Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Tai Chi, and the Pre-Heaven Power Method) and learned qigong from several distinguished qigong masters including Yan Xin, Wang Xiang-Dang, and Yu Xue-Hong.   He eventually found an effective method to develop internal power, the Pre-Heaven Power Method, which can be passed down to students systematically.  He has also conducted extensive research on the combat applications of the internal martial arts forms.  The curriculum he designed for CTMAA, which has equal emphasis on developing true internal power and skill as well as acquiring deep and broad knowledge of internal arts, is one of the most comprehensive internal arts programs available. 

     Master Lin is currently the president of the American YiZungYue Internal Martial Arts Association, an organization with headquarters in Skokie, Illinois, U.S.A.,  and a director of the Chinese YiZungYue Internal Martial Arts Research and Development Association in Taipei, Taiwan.  He was also a martial arts instructor of the CCEA Chinese Language School in Skokie, IL.


An article describing the Hsing Yi linking palm demonstrated by Master Lin and his Hsing Yi teacher Master LiAn article describing the Xing Yi linking palm demonstrated by Grandmaster Li Meng-Xiong and Master Lin (Vigor & Beauty Monthly, 71, March 15, 1996, pp. 101-105)


Photo with Yin style Ba Gua Master He Jin-bao in front of the tomb of Dong Hai-Chuan, the founder of Ba Gua systemPhoto with Yin style Ba Gua Master He Jinbao in front of the tomb of Dong Hai-Chuan, the founder of Ba Gua system


Photo with Taoist qigong master Wang Xiang DangPhoto with Taoist qigong master Wang Xiang Dang