Testimonials of Students

"Prior to joining CTMAA, I had no experience in internal martial arts.  I didn’t entirely know what to expect in an internal martial arts school, but I knew I wanted to find the best available.  I made the right choice with CTMAA.  As a student at CTMAA, one can expect high quality teaching with a vast curriculum and variety of styles.  I was very surprised to find so much available at a single school, Tai Chi, Wudang, Baguazhang, Hsing Yi, each extremely fascinating, and a rare collection to find in one’s area!  At CTMAA, the emphasis is placed on the true essence of the internal arts.  For example, here you can learn Tai Chi as a genuine martial art, rather than a moving mediation or health dance as commonly misunderstood by many practitioners and even teachers out there.  The understanding of internal arts is also presented in a practical way, rather than being mystified with abstractions or ambiguity.  This comes with the systematic approach of Pre-heaven power, taught uniquely at only this school outside of Taiwan.
Sifu Lin is an extremely skilled martial artist and a very dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, with decades of experience in martial arts.  He can truly show you what internal power is and show you the steps to acquire it yourself.  It has been truly inspiring for me to learn under him, and it never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn in this school.  There are also students with extensive experience to help someone like me who started out with so little.  From everyone whom I’ve spoken with here, every student, whether coming in with no experience, or decades of experience in martial arts, all have been quite surprised and impressed with what Sifu Lin and CTMAA has to offer.  I guarantee that you too will be amazed."
---  by  Stephen Doyle,  stephenmdoyle@yahoo.com, Skokie, Illinois
"I came to CTMAA initially looking for instruction in Ba Gua.  My Tai Chi teacher at that time suggested that I find a Ba Gua school and study it to enhance my understanding of internal martial arts.  Once I entered into Master Lin’s school, I was amazed at the level of proficiency that he demonstrated not only at a martial arts practitioner but also as an instructor.  He was able clearly demonstrate and break down the method of using internal power in Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xing Yi and Wudang.
 It was only a short time before I joined the other programs at the school.  I have had many instructors and have joined several schools in search of the elusive mystery of internal power.  My journey in martial arts has spanned over 2 decades.  In my journey  I have never experienced such a comprehensive system and teaching method that is present at CTMAA.  Every class he will guide you with direct instruction.  He stresses the use and effectiveness of every movement in each discipline.    It is not just focused on doing “forms” but in applications.   This school is for those who are serious in real martial arts instruction.   I only wished I had found this school 20 years ago."
---  by  Andre Zielinski, sifuz@comcast.net, Arlington Heights, Illinois
"I began studying with Master Lin in the fall of 2006 learning the four disciplines of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xing Yi and Wudang. The instruction is thorough, straightforward, and understandable. The secrets of the internal martial arts are revealed in a manner that can be grasped by all. Applications are demonstrated and practiced allowing for fuller development of one’s skill. I highly recommend CTMAA to anyone who is seeking knowledge of the internal martial arts." 
--- by Bob Patelski, bob.patelski@comcast.net, Park Ridge, Illinois
"I practiced Okinawan Karate for 25 years.  As I got older, I began experiencing numerous problems with my shoulders, hips and knees.  I became a student of Master Lin in 2000, at which time I was almost unable to move my shoulder joints at all, bend my knees or move from position to another due to hip weakness and pain.  Although the internal martial arts Master Lin teaches are vigorous, requiring joint flexibility and focused power, the joint problems became less severe and after about 3 years mostly disappeared.  At the same time I was able to increase my foot speed, while decreasing the time transitioning between postures.  I did not notice any decrease in striking or kicking power.  Also, my Karate skills have increased."
 --- by John Ryan, bigredcow@live.com, Barrington, Illinois
"My background in the martial arts is Okinawan Karate.  I had suffered a sprained ACL in April of 1999 and my leg was put in a full leg brace that I had to wear (except while sleeping) for 4 months.  The leg forgot how to walk.  That ended almost all my karate training.  After brace was eliminated, leg was very weak.  I was introduced to Master Lin and began classes in 2000.  My leg became stronger and stronger.  My focus from his classes was not interrupted by any physical problem but happily into the beginning knowledge of internal martial arts   What an awakening!  Master Lin has the background and teaching ability he unselfishly passes on to his students helping them understand internal martial arts.  What a refreshing quality this is!   I also learned how to incorporate some of the knowledge and techniques into karate moves."
 --- by Judy Catlowlassiterfloor@sbcglobal.net, Barrington, Illinois
"The Chinese Taoist Martial Association in Skokie is an excellent school to learn martial arts.  I base this on over twenty years of study and teaching the art of Jujitsu.  I currently take private lessons with Master Wei-Chung Lin in the Wu Dang - Tai Chi division.  Master Lin is an extremely knowledgable instructor who is able to simplify the very complex concepts of the Internal Martial Arts as he teaches.  He gives you insights into correct body form and structure as well as how this applies to the martial aspects of the art.  As Master Lin states he teaches the essence of his arts.  Master Lin makes learning a challenge but does so with great respect for his students.  He provides constant and helpful feedback.  I highly recommend trainning at the school." 
--- by Marc S. Fine M.D. , SRD22@aol.com, Deerfield, Illinois
"After my previous Kung Fu school had closed, I began searching for somewhere to learn Chinese internal arts.  I found CTMAA and first enrolled in Xing Yi classes.  One of the first things that impressed me was Sifu Lin's attention to detail in his teaching of the movements.  He makes sure that his students understand all of the important points in the forms and techniques.  His teaching style is laid back but expects students to strive for proficiency.  I eventually started training in the other styles offered at CTMAA and have always appreciated the opportunity to learn authentic, traditional martial arts.
Internal kung Fu systems can seem very intricate and somewhat intimidating to learn but with Sifu Lin's vast knowledge and high standards for his students, one can be confident that they are on the right path to mastery of the internal arts."
---  by  Lewis Rivera, Illinois
 "To all future students or inquiring-minded martial artists: I have been a student and teacher of internal martial arts for 20 years.  Never have I seen a system or, structured form of learning as powerful and with such a dramatic results in a short period of time as I expierienced with my Pre-Heaven Power training with Master Wei-Chung Lin.  Life comes from breath and power comes from structure.  I spent years training with breath because the teachers I trained with in the past need to have me focus on something unattainable to allow years to pass in hopes of me (the student ) finding the secret of developing and using fajing.   This kind of training method was used by many teachers and masters in the past who found the secrets the same way through trial and error.  Finding the secrets through this type of process has one problem, i.e., when you finally reach success you cannot explain how you got there because you discovered it by accident.  I owe much gratitude to Master Lin for making me rethink, rediscover, and find that fajing power I was looking for in such a short period of time with a better understanding than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you Master Lin."
--- by John Ferrante, ferrantekf@yahoo.com, Woodstock, Illinois
Mind, Body and Spirit. These are the three critical aspects of the human condition and functioning. If we look at humans as biological, psychological and social entities, then we see that developing the body alone is self limiting, especially in the martial arts and in life in general. Rather, it is by developing the whole self in a harmonious fashion that integrates all aspects of life that one can realize one’s potential and minimize the effect of our lack of knowledge, limitations, disease and the passage of time.
In the martial arts one is educated by an immersive experience with one’s instructor. Master Wei-Chung Lin, Ph.D. is the embodiment of the philosophy of Tao, or “the Way”. He has been and is a practitioner of many Chinese martial arts and an extraordinary teacher who is patient, compassionate and can show you, as well as explain to you at a variety of levels, how to maximize your practice and not waste time, while, at the same time, showing you how to take your time to develop lifelong practices that really work. He can demonstrate the art, explain the physical principles behind the art (internal and external), and encourage and support your training in a way that others cannot match.
If you are a serious martial artist he can bring you from good to great. If you are young, he can teach you life lessons that will start you on a path that will help you to embrace the future with a number of acquired assets that you cannot find presented in a systematic fashion elsewhere. If you are a serious student and an adult, you can find your way in the Way and progress farther and faster than anywhere else, as well as being able to apply these lessons to other aspects of your life. Such health and wellness lessons are critical for older students who wish to continue developing in all aspects of life while dealing with illness and aging, and developing and maintaining a positive outlook on life that is both adaptive and transformational.

--- by Dr. Richard Markin, ramarkin@comcast.net, Lincolnshire, Illinois