A unique and unsurpassed school for internal martial arts and qigong training!

The CTMAA is closed. Thank you for all the wonderful years!

For those looking for internal martial arts classes contact Master Lin's disciple, Andre Zielinski either by phone (847-702-9210) or email (sifuz@comcast.net) before showing up to class.

Classes will be held at:
St John's UCC
308 N Evergreen Ave
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Monday 7:00-8:00pm Beginners Hsing Yi/Bagua Class
8:00-9:00pm Advanced Hsing Yi/Bagua Class
Thursday 7:00-8:00pm Beginners Tai Chi/Wudang Class
8:00-9:00pm Advanced Tai Chi/Wudang Class

Fee is $150 per month - Check payable to Andre Zielinski or cash

Please wear comfortable clothes and a clean pair of gym shoes. Classes are for adults only.

Welcome to Our Site

The Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association (CTMAA) is a school for those pursuing authentic, in-depth, and thorough Chinese internal martial arts training.   If you'd like to have a quick tour on what we teach at CTMAA, you can click Video Gallery of the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association to watch the videos first.   Feel free to visit the school during our class hours. &

English Translation of Grandmaster Pan's book on the Pre-Heaven Power Method is Available

The English translation of Grandmaster Pan's book on the Pre-Heaven Power Method is available now.  You can click the attached PDF file to view the Table of Contents and click Grandmaster Pan's book on the Pre-Heaven Power Method to purchase it online.

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